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CC&L Multi-Asset Institutional Portfolios


The CC&L Financial Group has over 37 years of experience building custom multi-asset solutions. Through the wholly owned entity, CC&L Canada, CC&L Multi-Asset Institutional Portfolios allow consultants to work with us to offer institutional investors a diversified asset mix, tailored to meet their specific investment requirements.



CC&L Multi-Asset Institutional Portfolios provide:

  • Access to broad investment capabilities in public & private assets to improve portfolio diversification

  • Simplicity through one direct relationship, one contract,
    supported by a single client service representative

  • Focused, specialized investment teams

  • Proactive and flexible structure embracing the evolving needs of our clients and the markets

  • Work directly with consultant on execution of asset mix

Benefits of investing in CC&L Multi-Asset Institutional Portfolios:

  • Maximizing investment style and team diversification

  • Built to help achieve your return objectives

  • Minimizing expected risk

  • Tailored and designed to meet your specific requirements

What your portfolio could look like



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November 24th, 2021