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Financial Advisors

We believe that as advisors, you play an important role in helping individuals achieve their financial objectives and investment goals. We are pleased to support advisors with advice and effective investment solutions that leverage the breadth of our multi-boutique platform.


Connor, Clark & Lunn Funds


Connor, Clark & Lunn Funds partners with leading Canadian financial institutions and their investment advisors to bring select institutional investment strategies to private investors through mutual funds, alternative investments and separately managed accounts. Speak to your Investment Advisor to learn how our investments can add value to your portfolio.



Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital

Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital is a discretionary investment counsellor managing portfolios for high net worth individuals, Indigenous communities, not-for-profits and charitable foundations across Canada. We get to know our clients and listen carefully to their needs. Our experienced and dedicated investment professionals, using an outcome-orientated approach, provide personalized, tax-efficient portfolios to help clients reach their financial goals. Our clients can benefit from investing in traditional and alternative assets, as we uniquely bring together independent, specialist teams managing a broad range of distinct asset classes that comprise clients’ investment portfolios.



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November 24th, 2021