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Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group believes that sharing our expertise with our investors allows them to more fully engage with their investments, and creates opportunities for discussion and two-way dialogue. Providing insights into our various approaches and thoughts on market trends is another way we support investment managers with their complex challenges.

Manager Insights

At Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group, certain affiliates produce newsletters and commentaries to help keep our clients informed about events in the capital markets, changes in our strategies and services and other developments.


The following include a range of commentaries from our
investment teams.


Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group’s Strategic Exchange is an initiative to promote dialogue, understanding and the development of solutions to the often complex investment challenges faced by plan sponsors.

Under the direction of Peter Muldowney, Senior Vice President, Head of Institutional & Multi-Asset Strategy, we bring together plan sponsors and consultants in a variety of interactive, educational forums. We also produce thought pieces addressing issues that are top of mind to those involved in managing and overseeing retirement plans.

We invite you to view our white papers for thought-provoking research and insights into topical investment issues.

Peter Muldowney
Senior Vice President,
Head of Institutional & Multi-Asset Strategy

Peter heads our Strategic Exchange initiative at CC&L Financial Group. He has over 20 years of investment experience in Canada, the US and the United Kingdom spending his earlier years in consulting, which included leading two of the major Canadian firms and then moving to the investment management business in 2008 when he established a new investment operation for a Canadian insurance company.

He joined Connor, Clark and Lunn Financial Group, as Senior Vice President, Institutional Strategy in 2011.