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Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group believes that sharing our expertise with our investors allows them to more fully engage with their investments, and creates opportunities for discussion and two-way dialogue. Providing insights into our various approaches and thoughts on market trends is another way we support investment managers with their complex challenges.

Manager Insights

At Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group, certain affiliates produce newsletters and commentaries to help keep our clients informed about events in the capital markets, changes in our strategies and services and other developments.


The following include a range of commentaries from our
investment teams.


Strategic Exchange is an initiative aimed at addressing the complex investment challenges faced by institutional investors.

Led by Peter Muldowney, Senior Vice President, Head of Institutional & Multi-Asset Strategy, our program serves as a dynamic platform for facilitating dialogue, deepening understanding and developing innovative solutions. Through interactive, educational forums and insightful thought pieces, we explore key issues that resonate with you as a plan sponsor, endowment or foundation.

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November 9th, 2021