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Supporting Canadian Blood Services and enhancing community impact through partnership

October 3, 2023

The CC&L Foundation is pleased to announce a contribution to Canadian Blood Services, exemplifying our commitment to community and creating a positive impact. With the successful conclusion of our August blood drive, we extend our appreciation to participants who supported this important initiative, led by one of our own employees Mohammad Shakeri. 

Mohammad is a Specialist on the Corporate Actions team at Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group in Vancouver and is passionate about blood donation. He has been a blood donor for ten years, and like over half of Canadians, his close friends and family have been recipients of blood transfusions in the past. Mohammad championed the Partners for Life collaboration between the CC&L Foundation and Canada Blood Services, raising awareness of this service that can affect so many. This was the first blood donation activity at CC&L in recent years and the participation reinforces our firm-wide dedication to giving back to the communities we live and work in. 

Quick facts

  • Each blood donation can save up to three lives
  • It can take multiple donors to save a patient’s life.
  • Given that each process requires less than 30 minutes of each donor’s time, this an excellent investment.

There is a constant demand for blood and blood products. Rolling up your sleeves to donate at anytime is appreciated. As active participants in the Partners for Life program, our collaboration with Canadian Blood Services further strengthens our dedication to community support.

Learn more about the CC&L Foundation.

CC&L Financial Group Ltd.
October 3rd, 2023