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Clients’ success means our success as we top $10 billion

16 décembre 2020

CC&L Private Capital recently passed the milestone of managing $10 billion of clients’ assets. While this is a tremendous accomplishment, we know it is not about the dollars. It is about the trust of so many Canadian individuals, families, Indigenous communities, not-for-profits and charitable foundations. We take immense pride in our commitment to stewarding our clients’ wealth with confidence.

We founded CC&L Private Capital in 1997. Our vision was to give private clients access to the discipline and talent afforded to the institutional pension clients our progenitor firm has been managing since 1982. In those early days, our main competitors were mostly independently owned. Since then, they have merged, or the big banks have taken them over – a constant reminder of the importance of evolving and staying at the forefront of our clients’ needs.

It took a decade to get our footing, but a steady momentum of new clients joining came over time. In 2013, to address our ambitious goals for growth, performance and a best-in-class client experience, we made a meaningful change in response to an increasingly competitive, complex and regulated industry. A review of CC&L Private Capital’s leadership brought three Managing Directors to the helm to provide a new level of depth in the three areas of importance to an investment firm’s success. Catherine Dorazio, Jeff Guise, and Corey MacEachern, respectively provided expertise in sales, investments and operations, while working as one to direct the business in unison. Leveraging their combined knowledge to create and drive strategy has translated into even greater success. We have outpaced industry peers in asset growth, client retention and investment performance.

Today, our clients have access to our broad, pension-grade investment platform. It complements traditional global stocks and bonds with alternative assets, such as private loans, real estate, infrastructure, hedge funds and private equity. This goes well beyond the early days of a traditional investment offering. We have also strengthened our client experience, delivered by more than 40 investment professionals countrywide, supported by a growing team dedicated to advancing all business areas. On top of this, CC&L Private Capital is part of CC&L Financial Group, which has grown in parallel over these decades. It provides our clients with a strong backbone of 11 affiliated investment teams managing approximately $80 billion in assets.

Over the past 20 years, we have evolved and adapted to the challenges of a continually changing financial market environment. More and more clients have trusted us to steward their wealth so they will comfortably live out their lifetime dreams. Our unique corporate structure, investment platform and high-calibre team put us in a position to succeed alongside them in achieving this.

Most importantly, we have never wavered on implementing our conditions for success: putting our clients’ interests first, attracting and retaining top talent, and protecting and nurturing our entrepreneurial corporate culture. These same guiding principles will serve us well into the future.

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décembre 16th, 2020