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As an organization, we make this commitment because it aligns our corporate values with our personal values. As individuals, we want to see our colleagues, communities and society flourish. When we start work each morning, we don’t check our values at the door. Rather, we express our personal values in the way that we do business – with attention not only to the financial results of each decision, but also to its impact on our colleagues, community and society.


Corporate Social Responsibility at
CC&L Financial Group

Our Business Practices Working Group is responsible for making recommendations to CC&L Financial Group and affiliate leadership on CSR practices to align with the values of the people who work here. Based on feedback from across CC&L Financial Group and its affiliated companies, this group identified three priority business practice themes this year:


The quality of the
working environment,
including diversity and


The health and
wellness of people who
work here.


sustainable business
practices that limit
waste and
greenhouse gases.

Our firm is working to continuously review and improve programs, resources and processes to enhance the community, the workplace and support for our employees.